Posted by: renadal | October 24, 2008

Newsletters: Printed vs.Electronic

Newsletters are important communication tools for businesses because they provide readers with information about whats going on within the company.  This includes upcoming events, new policies and products, and company achievements.  In addition, a company’s newsletter serves as its image builder, therefore it is important to print information which creates a positive reflection for the company, otherwise the newsletter may serve as an image breaker.

Newsletters may be printed or sent electronically.  Although electronically sent newsletters save businesses money, printed newsletters are preferred.  Electronically sent newsletters are often created by the company’s HR department and lack the creativity and flair which newsletter creating companies provide.  An electronically sent newsletter for the most part serves the basic purpose of getting the information out.  Printed newsletters however are more visually pleasing to its readers and are more creative and colorful.  They provide readers with a sense of value and in essence, they add a personal touch.



  1. I do agree with you renadal. I personally don’t think that sending newsletters through email are effective. People tend to view any kind of advertisment through email as “spam” or “junk mail” and hit delete, at least i do. I am hands on and I think that people respond better to somthing they can put their hands on and take with them. So a printed newsletter is the way to go.

  2. I think e-mailing newsletters are okay for getting out general info, but for promoting larger events and getting people excited, printing newsletters is a better idea.

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